Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry Practices

A short but jam-packed introductory course about the essential underpinnings of responsible sourcing for jewelers

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A course especially designed for jewelers just getting started, jewelry students, recent graduates, new jewelry business owners and staff, and for jewelry industry members who want to understand the basics. 

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Core Topics

Lots of fundamental information, both general & specific, without the overwhelm.

Digestible Format

Short videos with graphics and images for easy comprehension at your own pace.

Actionable Activities

Business-related action steps to take your responsible practice forward.

Extra Resources

Downloads to confidently tackle complicated issues in the jewelry industry.

This course will help jewelers understand the impacts that jewelry has on people and planet

Our goal is to help you implement responsible and sustainable business practices that reflect your values and create positive impacts. We also hope to inspire you to become a part of a steadily growing community of changemakers - you’re taking the first step by being here!

Christina and her team have over 18 years experience in sustainable jewelry and have developed systems and programs to improve jewelry supply chains, like this introductory course.

You can be a jewelry industry changemaker!

Everyone’s journey with responsible and sustainable jewelry is different. No matter where you are, you can start taking steps today to help shape a jewelry industry we can all truly be proud of.

Follow along with this 4-lessons Course. Lessons are quick, punchy and to the point! You'll have access to the course for a full year.

Christina T Miller Foundations of Sustainable Jewelry course


Introduction: The story of Christina’s grandparents’ rings.

Lesson 1: The Industry We Inherited

Where the jewelry industry currently stands, where change is needed and why.

Lesson 2: The Terms We Use

The language we use to discuss issues in the jewelry industry and consumers. 

Lesson 3: Our Materials

Basic overview of how our jewelry materials are produced.

Lesson 4: Review & Take Action

Invitation to take action -  some things you can do right now.


Test how much you've learned and share with peers in our community forum. 

Course Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry product offering

This is what you'll get:

  • 4 Video Lessons
  • Transcripts and Audio files
  • Handouts and Action Guides
  • Extra Resources and Links
  • BONUS! Access to Student Forum
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Emily Phillipy

Emily Chelsea Jewelry

"As I am beginning to build my business selling jewelry I want to start off on the right foot so to speak. This course offered educational tools that have helped me understand how I can support my environmental ethos through the practices I employ within the framework of my business."

Jalnar Dhanani

The Benchmark Collection

"This course is an excellent introduction to better understanding how to source responsibly and better talk about these topics with your staff and customers."

Sarah Parker

Artist, Jeweler, Educator

"This course is exactly what someone like me, a jeweler who really wants to do the right thing, needs in terms of where to get started. There are so many ways to accidentally greenwash based on what limited information we receive from some suppliers, and it's important to keep digging and asking questions - but without a solid understanding the foundation of the production of our materials, it's challenging to feel confident engaging!" 

Tess Davis

Tess Davis Jewelry

"The course itself was very informative, engaging, and packed with information that every jeweler should and likely wants to know about. I was blown away by how much new information I learned throughout the duration of this course. Coming out of it, I felt inspired to do better and continue learning."

Start Building Your Foundation

Take this course and move towards a jewelry industry where our business and production practices better reflect the values our pieces symbolize and the ethical framework we lead the rest of our lives by.

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