Pioneering a Sustainable and Responsible Jewelry Industry

Learn with a proven system and make a difference!

We help jewelers implement responsible and sustainable business practices customized to their needs so they can confidently serve their clients' ethical expectations and make lives better.

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Learn  the essentials, understand complex systems, integrate them in your business and have a positive impact.


Get the tools and expertise needed to navigate ethical supply chains and build them into your business model.


Discover specific methods, systems and techniques to implement responsible sourcing into your operations.

Your journey towards sustainability starts here

Consumers are increasingly demanding more responsible and ethical products.

We have developed a series of strategies, systems and methods to get your business moving towards achieving this.

We can help you address challenges tied to jewelry supply chains with care and realism.

  • Follow a step-by-step program customized to your needs.
  • Feel confident about the materials you use and claims you make.
  • Comfortably talk with your customers about your materials.
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How to get started?

Our team can help you with a customized package of consulting services to help your business align with more responsible and sustainable practices. To better guide you, hop on a call and we can discuss, no strings attached.

Schedule a Complimentary 20-Minute Consultation

Why choose Christina T. Miller Consulting?

With 18 years of experience and our team of expert consultants, our proprietary strategies have helped independent jewelers and retailers, wholesale jewelers and suppliers as well as NGO's and non-profits alike.

We are excited by all the potential that the movement towards a responsible and sustainable jewelry sector holds. We thrive in the space of education, creative problem solving, and collaboration and use these skills and knowledge to help you.

We are committed activists for a holistic, inclusive, and collaborative movement towards a responsible jewelry sector.

Learn About Our Approach


Pioneers since 2004, deep knowledge of the jewelry market and industry-improving initiatives.


Broad network of jewelry supply chain actors, influence on decisions and harbinger of a proactive community.


Reliable, heart-centered approach, creating and promoting responsible and sustainable initiatives.

continuous improvement cycle: values, practices, gaps, changes, improve, repeat.

A team of experts at your fingertips 

Christina T. Miller Consulting designs customized approaches to help jewelry businesses start implementing responsible and sustainable practices with an easy system that grows with your business.

Our team is committed about aligning the consumer's appetite for ethical products and the desire of businesses to become part of the solution.

No matter where your company is on the responsible sourcing and sustainability journey, you’ll find streamlined, affordable and doable programs to become a better jeweler.

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We'll guide you every step of the way

Customized approach to your specific needs
Deliver on your customer's demands and aspirations
Focused strategies for your business

Schedule a 20-minute Complimentary Consultation

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