We offer a new vision for the jewelry industry 

Christina T. Miller Consulting and her team of professional consultants have 18 years of experience and have been pioneers in this space, leading the charge since 2004.

They have developed proprietary systems to help the jewelry industry enter the new era of responsible and sustainable businesses.

The team brings together a broad network of jewelry supply chain actors, establishing responsible sourcing programs for jewelry businesses, bridging non-profit initiatives with private sector actors, hosting educational and networking opportunities on issues related to sustainable and responsible jewelry practices.

We share our deep knowledge of the jewelry market and connect our commitment to addressing social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges tied to gold, gemstone, and diamond supply chains, with an emphasis on artisanal and small-scale gold mining.

Areas of Expertise:

Needs of SME and Micro-enterprises in jewelry
Jewelry SME supply chain evaluation and strategy
ASM gold supply chain opportunities
Mercury use in gold mining
OECD Due Diligence guidance for responsible supply chains

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Valuing human life and working towards the benefit of all involved in the trade

To overcome the challenges still to be addressed, community is essential

Antiracism is an active practice of promoting justice, accountability, and equity for all

There’s no business to be done on a dead planet. -David Brower



There’s no silver bullet for the challenges- we must engage to improve

Always be learning and continuously improving

Accepting intricacies and developing an appetite for complexity 

A safe, equitable future for all relies on the belief that change is possible

Christina T. Miller Consultant

Christina T. Miller

Founder, Consultant

Christina Tatiana Miller is an award-winning sustainable jewelry consultant providing strategy, guidance, and impact measurement to help jewelers make lives better.

Miller focuses her work on small and medium sized companies in the jewelry and fashion industries, educational programs and artists looking to be leaders in positive social and environmental action. She is also a professional speaker, workshop leader, community organizer, project manager, mentor, change maker and artist.

Among her many accomplishments are: founding Ethical Metalsmiths, launching Better Without Mercury and the Radical Jewelry Makeover, and being a volunteer for The Glossary Project. Miller also spearheaded organizing the first ever multi-jeweler Fairmined gold purchase in the US. Through a partnership between Ethical Metalsmiths and precious metals refiner, Hoover & Strong.

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Maggie Gabos Consultant

Maggie Gabos

Lead Consultant

Maggie Gabos is a sustainable jewelry consultant. At Christina T. Miller sustainable jewelry consulting Maggie works directly with small and medium sized companies to develop systems that improve the client’s social and environmental impact.

In addition to guiding companies through the consultancy, Maggie is also the Program Manager for the Jewelry Industry Summit, She holds a Masters Degree in International Development and Environmental Sustainability from the University of Pittsburgh.

Maggie has a demonstrated history of working across sectors towards improving the responsible sourcing and sustainability impact of the jewelry industry. Her skills include international relations, organizational development, corporate communications, and working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society.

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Christina T. Miller Consulting is here to help you make a difference

We are a consultancy focused on transforming the jewelry industry towards more responsible and sustainable practices.

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