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Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry Practices

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Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry Practices

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Who is it for?

The course, “Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry Practices”, is designed for jewelry industry professionals, business owners and staff, students, artists, hobbyists - anyone interested in sustainable jewelry practices, how to implement them, and how to communicate about them.

CMC has distilled the core concepts from their experience in responsible and sustainable jewelry practices into the course. 

This course will help jewelers understand the impacts that jewelry has on people and planet.  

Inspire others to become part of a steadily growing community of changemakers.

Online course Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry Practices

What's in the Course?

The Course starts with a short Welcome video and after that, 4 Lessons, approximately 20-min long each, and a brief Assessment at the end. 

  • Lots of fundamental information, both general & specific, without the overwhelm.
  • Short videos with graphics and images for easy comprehension of each lesson.
  • Business-related action steps to take their responsible practice forward.
  • Downloads for easy future reference to help confidently tackle complicated issues in the jewelry industry.

1 Hour Group Call with CMC Team

The course includes a group Office-Hour via Zoom with the CMC team. This is a great opportunity for students to ask their most burning questions, learn from peers, share ideas and get to know jewelers in this journey!

Students will have access to the course for a full year (365 days) from date of purchase.

Lesson 1:

A Bit of History

Where the jewelry industry currently stands, where change is needed and why.

Lesson 2:

The Terms We Use

The language we use to discuss issues in the jewelry industry and to consumers.

Lesson 3:

Our Materials

Basic overview of how our jewelry materials are produced.

Lesson 4:

Review & Take Action

An invitation to take action & some things you can do right now.

Core Deliverables:

4 Video Lessons


Audio files

Additional Assets:


Action Guides

Extra Resources



Access to Student Forum


Responsible Sourcing Roadmap PDF

And There's More:


LIVE group Office Hour with Christina and her team

Why is it Important?

Consumers worldwide are becoming more interested in the origin of their products and their buying decisions are increasingly based on how a business' practices align with their own values.

This course helps jewelers integrate responsible sourcing practices, tackle broader sustainability goals, and identify ways to have more meaningful impact.

Our goal is to help jewelers implement responsible and sustainable business practices that reflect their values and create positive change in the jewelry supply chain.

What we offer you:

  • Complimentary access to the course for 1 decision-maker.
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Our asks of the affiliates:

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