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Helping jewelry designers and retailers navigate the world of responsible sourcing and sustainable practices

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One-on-One Guidance and Tools Customized to your Needs

Do your sourcing practices, business operations, and the public facing communication about your business all align with your vision and values? 

This consulting package includes eight (8), 1-hour long consultation sessions with two of our consultants, “homework” done on our part and yours in between the calls, and resources and tools that will leave you set up for success on your sustainable jewelry practices journey.

Follow a step-by-step program tailored to your business

Feel confident about the materials you use and claims you make

Comfortably talk with your customers about your materials

The Essentials in a Nutshell:

  • Clarify your guiding principles and vision for responsible sourcing.
  • Structure responsible sourcing policies and a process for vetting of suppliers and vendors.
  • Revise business operations in light of sustainability goals.
  • Review communications and claims on public facing platforms.
  • Develop basic guidelines for a continuous improvement roadmap.

Ready to Take Your Sourcing to the Next Level?

Sign-up for our Essentials Consulting Package and achieve greater levels of ethical systems.

The Essentials Consulting Package is created to cater to your unique needs and business pursuits and to lead to greater impact through systematized methods that evolve with your business.

Total investment is $3,250

Get the Essentials Consulting Package

Ashley Thorne

A. M. Thorne Jewelry

"Working with CMC allowed me to finally have the necessary foundation my jewelry business needed. Christina and her team led me through a process that before I couldn't entirely navigate on my own. Working with them I now have the tools to confidently communicate with my suppliers, track progress, and share my ethos. I am so glad I took the steps to work with such a dedicated team. Thank you Christina, Ana and Cecilia!"

Bliss Lau

Bliss Lau

"I'm a very early client and worked with CMC to review my sourcing and supplier vetting practices. I think the most important question for me that I learned from Christina and the team was to find out what their [the supplier] goals are for the future because this opens communication channels. I strongly suggest creating a process or review with CMC, because that was invaluable and continues to be invaluable for me."

CMC Essentials Package

A proven methodology and accompanying resources to help you implement responsible and sustainable business practices that reflect your values and create positive impacts.

1st. Session:


1-hour Zoom meeting

Welcome! Review Scope of Work together and set expectations. Decide specifics to focus on & agree on overall work schedule. 

Resources: Welcome Packet & Meeting Calendar

2nd. Session:

Vision  & Values

1-hour Zoom meeting

Discuss goals, set specific objectives, and gain clarity on values and vision.

Resources: Vision & Values Worksheet

3rd. Session:

Operations & Business Practices

1-hour Zoom meeting

Review business operations aside from sourcing practices and how well they align with vision and values.

Resources: Operations Practices Checklist

4th. Session:

Suppliers & Sourcing Practices

1-hour Zoom meeting

Consider known information about prioritized suppliers, pinpoint red flags, identify basic questions to ask suppliers and nuances to watch out for.

Resources: Suggested Supplier Questionnaire

5th. Session:

Suppliers’ Practices

1-hour Zoom meeting

Look up-stream & practice thinking critically about the basic information gathered from suppliers about materials. 

Resources: Supplier Tracking Sheet

6th. Session:

Language & Communicating Claims

1-hour Zoom meeting

Review marketing and communications & develop ability to use words deliberately and carefully, and avoid unintentional greenwashing.

Resources: Website & Communications Review and Glossary

7th Session:

Documentation, Policy & Guidance Practices

1-hour Zoom meeting

Put it all together to create a responsible sourcing policy & discuss the basics of guidance documents.

Resources: Sourcing Review Document

8th Session:

Continuous Improvement Program

1-hour Zoom meeting

Summary of the sessions. Introduction of continuous improvement methods & suggestions for next steps.

Resources: Roadmap to Continuous Improvement

You Are Ready for This

Total investment is $3,250

Get the Essentials Consulting Package

The Advice You're Looking For

Our team is ready to help you and meet you wherever you are.

If you're just starting out and need a general overview of the main issues and how to go about starting with the basics, we have you covered.

If you have more experience or want to dive a little deeper, this package will move you towards greater impact, more systematized results, and methods to evolve with your business.

The sessions build upon each other so that over time you can achieve greater levels of ethical systems as your business grows.

As soon as you sign-up we'll schedule the onboarding call to discuss what your specific needs are, your availability, and how the package will work for you to start building responsible sourcing and sustainability into your business.

*Please note the start date of our work together is dependent on CMC’s availability and may require up to 30 days notice before commencing.

The Best Time to Start is Now!

We understand this endeavor might feel intimidating or daunting, but we will help you every step of the way.

Define your values, review your sourcing practices, assess the way you communicate with vendors and clients, and develop a framework for responsible sourcing practices that is doable and effective.

Total investment is $3,250

Get the Essentials Consulting Package

Easy to use worksheets

Handy Questionnaires and Samples

Made-for-you tracking and monitoring docs

Useful reviews and guidelines

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