Encouraging Wholesale Jewelers & Suppliers

Promoting feasible corporate social responsibility initiatives to streamline business decisions, mitigate risks, ensure ethical processes and facilitate sustainable growth.

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Raising awareness and benefiting all stakeholders

Christina T. Miller Consulting  leads meaningful, change-driven dialogue between communities affected by the sourcing of materials used to make jewelry and the jewelry industry (as well as diamond and gold industries) in order to raise awareness and improve industry responses to problems its practices contribute to.

The goal is to create engagements that move toward meaningful change that industry can implement and it works for affected communities. 

Lapidary faceting a gemstone
Lapidary artist faceting a colored gemstone

Supply chains that work for everyone

We work to create responsible, sustainable, and equitable supply chains within the jewelry industry through providing education, strategy, and guidance on key issues, risks, and opportunities to a broad range of stakeholders, including small-medium sized businesses, independent designers, and nongovernmental organizations.

If You're a Wholesale Jeweler or Supplier:

You are at the middle of the supply chain with an evolving and challenging landscape, give us a call to understand your unique circumstances and how our services can help.

We act as a facilitator across and connecting sectors that interact with jewelry supply chains to create market channels for responsibly produced material, strengthening transparency, traceability, and benefit to source countries. 

We also creates opportunities for education and networking between jewelry industry supply chain and civil society actors. 

Sustainability Assessment


Evaluation of Current Practices


Development of Verifiable Claims and Traceability


Transparency Policies


Licensing and Certification


Team Development and Training


Engage Broad Market Actors

Central to our approach is establishing trust, ensuring  stakeholders participate, and identifying market opportunities to increase positive impact for all.

Schedule a 20-minute Complimentary Consultation

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