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Friday, August 20th

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Hugh Brown guest of current living room session for August 2021


GARIMPEIROS: The Prospector’s Quest for a Better Life

Join us August 20th for a special session with Hugh Brown, a multiple best-selling author and Australian documentary photographer.

His current major project documents the world’s artisanal miners, working in some of the world’s most extreme and difficult working conditions. Despite the fact that there are estimated to be 40 million of these miners directly employed, and an additional 240 million indirectly employed,– about three percent of the world’s population – virtually nothing is known about them by the global north.

More recently, artisanal mining has been caught by the Responsible Sourcing movement sweeping the globe. Major decisions are being taken affecting these miners’ lives and without care there’s a significant risk of unintended consequences impacting not just these miners but the global whole.

Hugh is driven to raising awareness about artisanal mining while also steering people to appreciate the many nuances that characterize it. That in turn will lead to better decision-making so as not to disenfranchise this large section of some of the world’s most disadvantaged people.

Hugh will be sharing photos of artisanal mining of jewelry materials from around the world, as well as his experience with artisanal mining communities. The aim of this Living Room session is to deepen our understanding of the experience of artisanal miners and add context to our understanding of how these materials, that we work with daily, impact the globe.

*This session is scheduled at 11am ET, instead of our usual noon time, to accommodate our guest who is from Australia. Future sessions will revert to start at noon.

© All photos courtesy of Hugh Brown.

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