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Radical Jewelry Makeover

Could our jewelry “collections” be the source material for recycled metals and gemstones that meet your expectations for “responsible” recycled content? (05.21.2021)

The Radical Jewelry Makeover (RJM), launched in 2007 by Susie Ganch and Christina T. Miller, continues to serve as a gateway to creating collective exploration of the potential to create jewelry sustainably. Go to the Takeaways here.



What can and can’t we claim when selling diamonds? (04.23.2021)

April’s Living Room session posed questions such as, “Should we abandon conflict-free claims?”, “What can and can’t we claim when selling diamonds?”, and “Where do the diamond and jewelry industries have the greatest leverage to affect change in the diamond trade?” Go to the Takeaways here.


Artisanal and Small Scale (ASM) Gold

What does the Fairmined premium do? (03.19.2021)

Following last month’s session on recycled gold, this Living Room continued the conversation on Artisanal and Small Scale (ASM) gold. This session highlighted the work of the Alliance for Responsible Mining and the impacts of the Fairmined gold premium. Go to the Takeaways here.


Recycled Gold

What do you really want to accomplish? (02.19.2021)

This Living Room session sought to identify what we know and don’t know about recycled gold, the true impacts of the material, how it fits into a responsible sourcing practice.

This session was done in partnership with Initiatives in Art and Culture. Go to the Takeaways here.


Ethics and Responsibility in Jewelry II

Navigating Real Decision-Making (01.22.2021)

This session takes an ever-deepening look into what an ethical jewelry practice looks like generally and specifically.

The second session in our Ethics series with Ethical Metalsmiths. Guided by Professor Mark Wheeler, Director of the SDSU Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs. Go to the Takeaways here.


Sustainable Jewelry Consultancy

The core approach for jewelers (12.4.2020)

Christina T. Miller Consulting, presents core methods used to help jewelry brands and retailers to improve responsible sourcing practices.

We are inviting beginners and veterans to learn about our approach and offer questions and insights. Go to the Takeaways here.


Ethics and Responsibility in Jewelry I

What is Ethical Jewelry? (09.25.2020)

Understanding how to create trust among ourselves and our communities is a fundamental, legendary ethical question.

In collaboration with Mark Wheeler, Director of the SDSU Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs and Ethical Metalsmiths. Go to the Takeaways here.


Artisanal Small-Scale Mining

Gold and sustainable livelihoods in Choco, Colombia (07.24.2020)

Explore the history of Chocó, Colombia’s second largest gold producing region situated along the country’s Pacific Coast.

Each guest is an activist working from their particular area of expertise to improve lives. Go to the Takeaways here.


Artisanal Gemstone Mining in Zambia 

Colored gemstones and the challenge of artisanal mining (06.26.2020)

Learn about artisanal gemstone mining in Zambia from one of the country’s most impressive advocates for artisanal miners.


Community Check-In

A gathering to see how everyone is doing and talk about the topics on your mind (5.29.2020)

We discussed different models of responsible gold flows, and our plans to change the hearts and minds of consumers.

Intentionally supporting artisanal and small-scale miners is essential work in striving to be a responsible industry.


The Perspective of ASM Gold Miners

Pioneer projects for more just and conscious mining practices (05.15.2020)

A lively discussion with real miners in the field pursuing responsible and sustainable practices and supporting small-scale miners.

Each guest from South America shares their vision, challenges, dreams and hopes for artisanal gold mining.


African Gems in Service and update

Engaging the families and communities in small-scale mining (05.01.2020)

Experts will share their experience with the colored gemstone trade in Africa and how they are leveraging the industry to support those in need.

Also learn about indigenous rights related to mining in Brazil.


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