Better Without Mercury

artisanal mining development environmental issues ethical metalsmiths mercury pollution Nov 22, 2018

Better Without Mercury Project

It isn’t everyday we have the opportunity to prevent pollution from toxic mercury.

Until miners from the Fortaleza Mining Association in Colombia achieve their mercury free goal, Christina T. Miller sustainable jewelry consulting and our partners will continue to raise the funds necessary to complete this clean-up.

This initiative is being hosted on the Ethical Metalsmiths website so that your support (of course you are invited to participate) is tax deductible.

Our overall fundraising goal is $65,000. And between now and the end of December, we are raising the $9,000 required for the first phase, contracting an excavation company to prepare the area where the mercury contaminated soil will be permanently stored.


Mercury pollution plays a major role in the darker side of our materials. The Better Without Mercury project offers an opportunity for your company to be a part of the solution.

Design funding this project into % “give back” program

Donate a % of revenue for a specific period of time or from a particular line

Invite your customers to round up in support

Share the project’s social media campaign @betterwithoutmercury on your own.

Increase your awareness of the toxic neurological effects of mercury.


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