Let’s get the mercury out…together!

artisanal mining environmental issues fairmined mercury pollution rolberto alvarez Oct 15, 2018

You can help to get the mercury out

Let’s get the mercury out…together!

The final step to achieving a mercury free dream.

The Gualconda mine manager and legal representative of the mining association, Asociación Agrominera de los Andes “Fortaleza”, Rolberto Alvarez, has been on a mission to eliminate mercury from the processes used by the 13 member cooperative to extract gold. In December of 2017 the Colombian association accomplished this goal. Now that “la Fortaleza” has a new ore processing plant, there is only one more mercury issue to tackle. Clean up the original processing site.

During the 2018 Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference, Christina T. Miller sustainable jewelry consulting and La Fortaleza are launching a joint effort to remediate and restore the old ore processing site. The plans are ready, what is missing are the funds. You are invited to join us in bringing a contaminated, polluting site back to life.

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Hope to see you in Chicago.

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