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Living Room Session: Collaborate and keep it up!

consumer awareness csr living room sessions May 05, 2020

Thank you for joining us in our most recent Living Room Session.

We appreciate all of you and are here to support you however we can during this time.



Collaboration among different segments of the industry is more important than ever. In this moment, we can choose to work together on initiatives that will shape a more responsible and sustainable version of the industry and create benefit in the lives of people all along the supply chain. You can do good while also doing well.

“Sustainability is about making sure the supply chain is empowered and thriving even when we aren’t there. We have to make sure we all benefit from this. If you look at colored gemstones, if you buy colored gemstones, if you sell them - we have a responsibility as an industry. Miners’ stories are our stories and we don’t have a story unless they survive this.”
- Monica Stephenson

Miners are our partners, not beneficiaries. We must recognize and value the role of miners in sustaining the industry. Many artisanal and small scale miners face extreme plight in the face of COVID-19. In East Africa, buyers have been scarce since the holidays. Food, water, and soap are inaccessible to many. Initiatives like Gem Legacy and the Gemstone Supply Chain Action Scheme are engaging the jewelry industry in their COVID response for mining communities. Share their stories, buy the material or donate if you can - it is essential to do whatever we can to support them no matter how small.

“People who are already [working to have responsible, sustainable supply chains] have a leg up to be able to go into communities and help. We have roots into these areas that need help globally....20% of the sales go back through all these supply chains to give humanitarian aid and keep the miners working.”
-Susan Wheeler

“We are constantly searching for mines that we need to be serving...we have been able to provide meals to [many] families but this is not going to pass in a day or a month. We are realizing we are going to need to do this again and again. Right now we still have so many requests for first time help we are still [processing] so that our supply chain is still there when people are ready to buy gems again.”
- Rachel Dery

The Amazon is at a tipping point. In Brazil right now people are taking advantage of the political climate in order to profit from mining and logging. Deforestation in the Amazon rose by more than half in the first three months of 2020 compared to 2019.

Mining has obvious limitations - such as a finite supply of gold or gemstones. It is important that the jewelry industry supports miners' overall well-being and future by encouraging regenerative agriculture as a way to restore land and bring additional income during and post mining.

Gem Legacy
Gemstone Supply Chain Action Scheme
Moyo Gems
Quore Jewelry COVID Response

Thank You to Our Guests!

Monica Stephenson

Rachel Dery

Brian Cook
[email protected]

Susan Wheeler

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