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Living Room Session: Ripple out until you can't anymore!

environmental issues jewelry living room sessions sustainibility Apr 22, 2020

Thank you for joining us in the Living Room!

“There is no business to be done on a dead planet.”
- Dr. David Brower

On this Earth Day - we are reminded of the interconnectedness between the natural resources we rely on, our collective responsibility to protect the planet, and the fact that we have the power to create better systems. Within the jewelry industry, we must consider how we can realistically transition away from toxic mercury pollution, reduce our impacts on forests like the Amazon, and improve our practices to minimize environmental impact.

Thank you for joining us in our most recent Living Room Session. We appreciate all of you and are here to support you however we can during this time. Please feel free to send us your questions, ideas and topics you want to discuss, or guests you’d love to hear from.



  • Deep inequalities that already exist in our systems are being revealed. This crisis is highlighting that by having solid values/purpose in place, they offer clear guideposts in times of need. It isn’t necessarily about the specific ways your “responsible business” plan is executed, but rather, the ethos that drives this platform. Concrete values identified now can be a north star for future actions and crisis response.

“Hard decisions are easier when approached from a set of principles - an identity that you are not willing to vary from. If people just focus on that one thing - ‘what are the principles by which I insist on running my life and my business?’ - then everything gets more ethical and it’s simple.” - Andrea Hill

  • The heart of business ethics is putting people over profits. Protecting your team is crucial. Prioritizing safety is key to protecting and maintaining your team. Ensuring your team has what it needs will help with maintaining the collaborative mentality needed to deal with this crisis. It is key to sustaining a business and can be seen as a foundation for what will be profitable because it could lead to higher productivity and efficiency outside of this crisis.

“There is never any reason - now, before, or after - to look past your team’s safety if you want to rely on them and in times like these I need my team more than ever.” - Wing Yau

  • Your actions have a ripple effect. If you need to drop your prices, look at ways you can address that through your product mix, your design language, and your materials so that you are reducing prices but not pressuring the people around you to drop their margins and prices. It’s a rippling out. We can affect people in positive or negative ways depending on the choices we make now. You can downshift your price without negatively affecting the margins of your community.

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