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Sustainable Jewelry Consulting - Our Approach

csr recycled gold responsible sourcing sustainibility Apr 30, 2021

Helping businesses feel confident

Integrate responsible sourcing practices, tackle broader sustainability goals, and identify ways to have more meaningful impact.

We know this work can be complex, confusing and intimidating, we are here to help make it easier.

Our pledge is to be of service to independent jewelers and retailers in their quest to respond to consumer demands, increase the capacity of civil society organizations to further their work in the field and bring a desirable material to market and guide wholesale jewelers and industry suppliers to serve the growing needs for sustainable materials.

This is what we offer:

  • Know how to get reliable suppliers
  • Be a better ambassador for ethical jewelry
  • Keep up with the most current traceability solutions
  • Find and evaluate trustworthy sources
  • Learn how to run a responsible business

These are some of our clients and how we help them:

Jewelry Designers & Retailers

  • Responsible Sourcing for jewelry designers
  • Studio greening consulting for jewelers
  • Marketing and communications
  • Licensing and certification
  • Living Room Sessions and other networking

Wholesale Jewelers & Suppliers

  • Sustainability assessment
  • Evaluation of current practices
  • Development of verifiable claims and traceability and transparency policies
  • Licensing and certification
  • Team development and training

NGO's & Non-Profits

  • Jewelry market research
  • Needs assessments
  • Feasibility and viability of sustainable jewelry initiatives
  • Developing new initiatives
  • Industry stakeholder networking initiatives
  • Public speaking

Tailored, hands-on approach:

We'll equip you with the tools and expertise needed to navigate complex systems and build resilience into your business model.

Christina T. Miller Consulting can customize projects to include considerations unique to your business. We help teams large and small that are interested and passionate about sustainability by guiding them until real progress is being made and they can continue learning on their own.


  1. Valuing human life and working towards the benefit of all involved in the trade.
  2. To overcome the challenges still to be addressed, community is essential.
  3. Antiracism is an active practice of promoting justice, accountability, and equity for all
  4. There’s no business to be done on a dead planet. -David Brower
  5. There’s no silver bullet for the challenges- we must engage to improve
  6. Always be learning and continuously improving
  7. Accepting intricacies and developing an appetite for complexity
  8. A safe, equitable future for all relies on the belief that change is possible

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