Jewelry Supply Traceability and Sustainability

The Jewelry Community for Sustainable and Responsible Practices

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A community inspired to make the jewelry industry better

We host educational and networking opportunities on issues related to sustainable and responsible jewelry practices in the sector.

Living Room Sessions

The jewelry industry’s virtual hang-out for community and conversation on responsible sourcing and sustainability. See more here.

"A packed session, as always, and so many important discussion points. Let's hope that we see more changes coming in the near future." Stuart Pool

"Thank you Christina and Maggie for this amazing living room =)." Morgane Nzelemona

"What a wonderful conversation, and we all learn so much from one another and especially from today’s speakers!" Christina Malle

Better Without Mercury Clean Gold Project

A fundraising campaign to remove mercury from an artisanal gold mine in Colombia and restore the land. Funds are being used by the mining organization, called “La Fortaleza”, to establish their facility as a teaching mine.

By uniting a variety of jewelry actors, the project has been able to meet Phase 1, Clean Up and Phase 2, Restoration goals. The project is ongoing. See more here.

Events & Public Speaking

We are sought after to participate in many industry events, as panel moderators, keynote speakers or just to help structure the event.

We are capable of communicating with the jewelry industry members in a way that will educate them on ethical practices.

This Community is Getting Bigger!

We are happy that more and more people, groups and organizations are striving to move forward the sustainability and responsibility initiatives in the jewelry industry.

Find plenty of useful links, documents and other resources to help you navigate these fascinating and complex issues (coming soon!).

This is a safe space, you can belong to a pioneering community.

Be part of the most influential community advocating for an ethical jewelry industry.

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